Frantisek Hofman (Czech Republic) is a Spiral Stabilization teacher trainer. He is also the world champion in natural bodybuilding. Spiral exercises are an essential part of his training, helping him to maintain his condition and his continued success. He trains with the Spiral Stabilization sport exercise cord.

Frantisek’s achievements in Natural Bodybuilding:

2017    2nd place – INBA World Championship (Italy)

2016    1st and 2nd place in 2 different categories, INBA World Championship (Hungary)

1st place – INBA European Championship (Slovakia)

2015    1st place and Absolute winner – INBA European Championship (Italy)

2013    1st place and 3rd place – INBA World Championship (Greece)

2012    1st place – in 2 different categories, INBA European Championship (Hungary)

Sport is my life. Since my youth I have tried various sports, but I was most involved in football. At that time, I started to work on my endurance, strength and muscle development. Due to several injuries, I had to end my football career, but I still wanted to stay in shape. That led me to exercise with my own body weight. Soon I started to combine it with the gym.

As a professional soldier I have to keep myself in excellent shape. The nature of my job requires strength and endurance. That’s why this led me to the sport of natural bodybuilding.

Natural bodybuilding is related to aesthetics, symmetry and muscle building. Therefore, following Spiral Stabilization principles are very important to me – axis position of the body, sufficient range of movement in the girdles, muscle balance. Thanks to this method, my body can better regenerate and, in combination with a good diet, I can move faster towards my goal, which is an increase in quality muscle mass. When I incorporate these principles into the fitness environment, I don’t have to use so many resistance machines and extremely high weights, which in many cases cause more damage than benefit. Therefore, I recommend and prefer to perform basic exercises (multi-joint exercises) where I can perfectly control my body position and thus maintain healthy joints, spine and muscles. I believe we should think more about our health rather than goals.

Spiral Stabilization principles – vertical body axis, range of motion in the girdles (extension), muscle balance.

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