Group Sessions

Online group sessions run weekly every Monday and Wednesday at 10am and 5pm.

  • Sessions are for all levels
  • Sessions run in 5 weeks blocks
  • Available to purchase in a 10 online group sessions package
  • Each session lasts around 35 minutes
  • Please book if you have done Spiral Stabilization before or completed a package of 5 private sessions
  • Package start date: 19th October 2020
  • Package start date: 23rd November 2020
  • Video sessions using Zoom
  • A link to access the Zoom meeting will be emailed to you a few days before the package start date
  • Equipment needed for your group sessions – Spiral Stabilization exercise cord, preferably our exercise mat or a yoga mat to kneel on, poles, a stool or a chair

You can purchase 10 sessions online package at 10am here

You can purchase 10 sessions online package at 5pm here

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