Prague Clinic

The Smisek Rehabilitation and Education Clinic is located in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Prague clinic is the home of Spiral Stabilization. Doctor Smisek, the founder of the method, is based here with his team of doctors, physiotherapists and massage therapists.

The facility includes treatment rooms for patients, training studios for therapist courses, accommodation for patients and a restaurant.

Please get in touch with me for further details regarding inpatient treatments or making a booking. Please see the Prague clinic prices below.


Na Uboci 2250/10,
182 00,
Praha 8,
Czech Republic

Treatments at the Rehabilitation Clinic, Prague


Doctor‘s initial consultation €70 per 55 min

Doctor‘s follow-up consultation €70 per 55 min

Spiral Stabilization physiotherapy / Spiral Stabilization manual therapy €40 per 55 min

Accommodation single room €50 per night

Accommodation double room €80 per night

The accommodation is located at the clinic.


5 Day Treatment Package

1 Initial consultation with a doctor  70

1 Follow-up consultation with a doctor 70

13 Physiotherapy sessions (including Exercise and Manual therapy sessions) 520

5 Nights accommodation – single room 250

Package total: 910


7 Day Treatment Package

1 Initial consultation with a doctor 70

2 Follow-up consultations with a doctor  140

19 Physiotherapy sessions (including Exercise and Manual therapy sessions) 760

7 Nights accommodation – single room  350

Package total: 1320


At the beginning of the treatment you will have an initial consultation with our medical doctor, who will establish a personalised treatment programme tailored to your conditions and needs. At the end of your stay, you will see a doctor for a follow-up consultation to evaluate the whole treatment process. If the duration of your stay is 7 days or longer then we recommend an additional follow-up consultation with a doctor in the middle of the treatment programme.

Spiral Stabilization physiotherapy is provided by our specially trained physiotherapists. The treatment usually starts with a manual therapy session that prepares your body for following exercise session. The amount of manual therapy / exercise sessions depends on your condition and on the doctor‘s recommendations.

Three treatment sessions per day is the usual amount that we recommend.

If you have any previous MRI scans and X-Rays please bring them with you. We require X-Rays no older than 6 months and in a full format (whole spine with hip joints and collar bones). If you can’t provide such an X-Ray you will be asked to visit a hospital which is located 10 min from our clinic to have your X-Rays taken. The hospital charges a one off payment of €30 and we will provide you with a doctor’s referral. Opening hours of the X-Ray department are 8 am – 2 pm.

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