I first heard about the Spiral Stabilization method from my friend, who, for many years, suffered from severe back pain. He underwent back surgery, but it didn’t help him as much as he expected, so he was already considering another one. Luckily, he discovered this method and not long after he started doing the exercises, his condition improved incredibly.

After seeing his almost miraculous recovery, my partner and I, have decided to look into the method. Although I didn’t have any serious back problems, my partner had several back issues (shoulder and lower back), which he wanted to deal with. We bought some books and DVDs about the method but decided that we really need to attend some kind of workshop to understand the exercises properly. We booked one day course with Jana, who is the practitioner of this method in the UK.

The course was very informative, packed with exercises, but also with some theory. Jana is very passionate about her work, very attentive and she made sure we got the most out of the time we got together. She taught us the principles of the method (which we couldn’t completely grasp just from the books/videos) and she went with us through a lot of exercises, practising with us, patiently correcting us until we did the exercises correctly. I could almost instantly feel the positive effects on my lower back area, which felt very relaxed. By the end of the day, we both felt as if we grew a little bit taller. My partner felt that the pain, especially, in his shoulder, wasn’t as noticeable.

We started doing the exercises as much as we could, and even though we couldn’t always do them every day, we definitely have felt the benefits when doing them. My partner, especially, feels the improvement in his shoulder and his posture improved quite a lot (as the exercises opened his shoulders). He’s also had a problem with his knees and Jana pointed out that his incorrect posture is significantly contributing to his problem, so he now makes sure his posture is correct.

It’s been only a few months since we attended the course, so he hopes to see even more improvement in the future. We are both very excited about the method and we are so happy that we got to learn about it. It was definitely worth it!!

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