I had twice weekly training sessions with Jana for 18 months and I can strongly recommend her as a personal trainer.

She is a wonderfully supportive personal training instructor who combines the important ability to make sure that you do not undertake exercises that are too demanding for your level of fitness with the equally important ability to progress your level of training as fast as you can reasonably handle.

She taught me Spiral Stabilization method developed by Dr Smisek in Prague (with whom she trained as an instructor) and this has helped me noticeably with my back.  I suffer from a severe scoliosis of the spine, an uncomfortable and untreatable condition.

Spiral Stabilization exercises that Jana taught me help to control the twisting and discomfort associated with the condition.  There is no doubt that the exercises are effective in building and educating the core muscles that resist continuing deterioration of my condition. I understand that they are also helpful for anyone who suffers with their back.

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