I met Jana at a time when I was having real difficulties sitting in the office for 8 hours a day due to back pain. I had known for years that my back muscles were almost non-existent but I am a proud intellectual avoiding all sports. In addition, I play the church organ, which doesn’t help as it puts further strain on your back. Painkillers were never the choice for me so I had suffered in (sometimes loud) silence.

Jana not only convinced me that I can do it; she actually managed to motivate me to do the exercises daily. It took me some time to learn the routine and to see the results as I am quite useless about any physical activity. But her approach was genuinely positive and that made the difference.

She is very skilled and she gives you the personal touch you need. She adapts the exercise to your condition and she builds your own exercise catalogue. The most important thing is that she truly believes in what she is doing and makes it come true. Plus she is a lovely person, never far from a laugh.

If you are hopeless (as I am) in relation to sports and you suffer from back pain, Jana is your choice.
These days, I am pain-free and I can play the organ as much as I want and I manage my office job easily as well. It takes me 15-20 minutes a day – much less than any of us wastes by meaningless activities.

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