I am 50 and have had back pain for about 3 years. In that time, I was diagnosed with spondyloarthropathy, an immune mediated arthritis, had a large herniated disc in my lumber spine, and had lumbar disc surgery to remove it.  Surgery eradicated the terrible sciatica in my leg but left me with chronic back pain.  I have been to many doctors and took high doses of Motrin for the constant pain until I had to stop because my kidneys were affected.

I’ve tried back exercises (I am a physical therapist), pain meds, walking, swimming, Pilates, bought a new mattress, nothing helped. I had pain rolling in bed, getting out of bed, standing from sitting, carrying more than 10 pounds, sneezing/coughing, bending to do wash or dishes, and lost my ability to exercise. My sleep was interrupted as well.
I stumbled upon Spiral Stabilization on Instagram and started watching videos. I started to research the technique and it all made sense. I decided to try it with low hopes as I’ve tried so many things.
Within 10 days, I kid you not, my back pain is about 70% reduced! I am blown away. I am standing taller and functioning so much better.

As a physical therapist, I recognize Jana’s deep understanding of anatomy and movement dysfunction. She has been wonderful to work with. She fine tunes every little movement I make which is amazing because we are doing this all through Zoom as I am in the US. I am finally getting in touch with my body and getting relief from the hole of chronic pain. It is a beautiful thing to not have pain at every turn and I am thankful that I have someone to trust that will help me get my life back. Finally!!

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