I have suffered with back pain for the last 20 years always having a constant pain between my shoulders blades and I had to crack my back to feel a little bit of a release. I was aware I had to do something about it and knowing that Jana was doing Spiral Stabilization I thought I’d give it a go.

I was shocked by the results of the first session because I felt back pain relief straightaway. In less than two weeks (3 sessions) my back stopped cracking and the pain was gone. I am maintaining the results by exercising only twice a week with  Jana. When I stop exercising the pain always comes back after a few weeks but disappears immediately after one session.

Since I started Spiral Stabilization my posture has improved, I don’t slouch any more and I feel taller and straighter after each session. I am now convinced by the results and would definitely recommend this simple exercise method.

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