Having been diagnosed with sciatica and a disc bulge by my GP and being told that taking painkillers and keeping mobile was the best remedy, I decided to take this matter into my own hands.

I went to a couple of osteo sessions and then a series of physio sessions but the pain and numbness travelling from my back to left leg wasn’t getting any better, a friend of mine recommended me to try out Spiral Stabilization.

After the first session I could feel the improvements on my back and the pain travelling down the leg was only occurring occasionally through out the day. After the third, I managed to run a 10k race, slowly but still finished it and by the fourth session all the pain had completely subsided and I feel like a new person – and taller too!

Thank you Jana

I have been suffering from back pain since a very long time. And then, I started with Spiral Stabilization method!

From the beginning, I felt much better and my back was not so much in pain! And the more I got used to the right posture, the more it became like a usual “posture” for me in my daily life when sitting in the car or standing on the street waiting for the light to turn green, I automatically rectify my posture and feel less pain in my lower back!

Thanks to the training with Spiral Stabilization which gives me the feeling of doing something for my health and wellness!

Dear Jana,

I am lucky to have met you! Your exercise methods bring many positive results! My whole family, husband, son and grandson enjoy your training.

Everyone found their own benefit in them. Backaches disappeared, overall well-being improved and even the posture is much better! We try to move according to your recommendations and continue doing exercises. It doesn’t take much time, which is very valuable in this day and age.

Thank you very much!

I loved working with Jana for posture. I have seen great improvement since I started doing Spiral Stabilization method. She makes it easy and fun and I stand and sit up straight now.

Thanks Jana.

I have suffered with back pain for the last 20 years always having a constant pain between my shoulders blades and I had to crack my back to feel a little bit of a release. I was aware I had to do something about it and knowing that Jana was doing Spiral Stabilization I thought I’d give it a go.

I was shocked by the results of the first session because I felt back pain relief straightaway. In less than two weeks (3 sessions) my back stopped cracking and the pain was gone. I am maintaining the results by exercising only twice a week with  Jana. When I stop exercising the pain always comes back after a few weeks but disappears immediately after one session.

Since I started Spiral Stabilization my posture has improved, I don’t slouch any more and I feel taller and straighter after each session. I am now convinced by the results and would definitely recommend this simple exercise method.

I had twice weekly training sessions with Jana for 18 months and I can strongly recommend her as a personal trainer.

She is a wonderfully supportive personal training instructor who combines the important ability to make sure that you do not undertake exercises that are too demanding for your level of fitness with the equally important ability to progress your level of training as fast as you can reasonably handle.

She taught me Spiral Stabilization method developed by Dr Smisek in Prague (with whom she trained as an instructor) and this has helped me noticeably with my back.  I suffer from a severe scoliosis of the spine, an uncomfortable and untreatable condition.

Spiral Stabilization exercises that Jana taught me help to control the twisting and discomfort associated with the condition.  There is no doubt that the exercises are effective in building and educating the core muscles that resist continuing deterioration of my condition. I understand that they are also helpful for anyone who suffers with their back.

I nearly cancelled my first appointment with Jana. I had been so disappointed with all my previous attempts to find a solution for my chronic back pain which had by this point spread to my legs. I had tried stretching exercises, worked with a trainer, had massages, taken medication and nothing seemed to work. So I was quite rightly very sceptical and desperate. I was so impressed with Jana. It was so refreshing to come across someone who knows their industry so well. Her knowledge is boundless. I had total confidence and trust in her right from the start. I knew that I would be coming back to her studio.

I felt a difference even in my first session. It felt like my back and chest had expanded, the tension was gone within an hour and I kept correcting my posture effortlessly. Plus I felt energized.

I really enjoy the exercises now and if my back gets tight or I feel pain during the day in the office when I do not have time to do the whole set of exercises all I have to do is a few of Jana’s stretches and I see instant results.

I am so glad I made the effort to pitch up to the first appointment and have never looked back. This young lady is really brilliant. And she cares about her clients’ recovery.

When I first heard about the system I was intrigue, it made a lot of sense with being very simple at the same time. Being a doctor myself and struggling with my posture and a post back injury, following a car accident, I decided I needed to try it.

I found the exercises very easy to follow and simple to repeat at home which encouraged me to continue with them between the sessions. Jana is very patient and calm which helps a lot in the process of learning. Since I started the sessions I noticed a major improvement in my posture, reduction of discomfort in my back but most importantly an increased awareness and engagement with my body during daily activities like walking, standing or even running.

I highly recommend it to my patients and anyone who already suffers from back problems, as well as those who want to prevent them.

I started Spiral Stabilization training to help with my tight hips and stiff shoulders. Having noticed a major shift in my flexibility level soon after my second session, I was hooked! The most significant and noticeable change in my body is a stronger and more stable core. I can now do more abdominal reps in the gym than I ever did in the past, and with little effort. Jana has been more than a dedicated and giving trainer.

Her complete understanding of the system made me aware of my sitting/walking habits that lead to my chronic pain and stiffness in the first place. I believe the system she teaches has been crucial in my re alignment, but most of all, in her ability to motivate and empower her clients with the knowledge they need to make this system an important part of their daily habits.

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