Roland (Pilates teacher)

I was very pleased with this course, we learned an enormous amount and I’m convinced that Spiral Stabilisation is something everyone needs to learn and practice. The combination of movement, massage and manual techniques is very effective for rehabilitation and cures many ailments that plague us today, all backed up with scientific evidence which is amazing when you look at how effective their results are. I’m signing up for all and every course 🙂 the doctor’s knowledge is inspiring, he presents well and is very helpful along with his assistant Jana. They did their utmost to transfer what they know to us, I highly recommend doing a course with them.

I first heard of Spiral Stabilisation last year from a colleague of mine who did an assessment on my spine as I was getting regular lower back pain on one side and discovered that I have scoliosis. I started using the method to help with my own imbalances. I was so amazed that ever since I started using the ropes I never have suffered from back pain. My understanding of my own body, spine alignment and muscle weakness have opened up such amazing opportunities to help myself and my clients. When I heard that there will be UK courses and I can learn from Dr Smisek who developed this method, I signed up to all courses so far. I have done 3 courses and looking forward to the next one. After the 1st course I realised that this method can safe peoples’ lives literally. I am a yoga instructor and a personal trainer and always looking to learn and grow and offer the best to my clients. After introducing the Spiral Stabilisation to a few of my clients, the results are absolutely astonishing. They have no pain and also they feel stronger and more aware of their posture.  The system is easy to follow at home and I encourage my clients to do the exercise every day even for as little as 10 min it can have a massive effect. Everything that I have learned from this method and Dr Smisek has empowered me to be very mindful of my spine and body as a whole and  how I approach each session with my clients.  In yoga we say that we are as young as our spine, so I am strong advocate of the Spiral Stabilisation method and will do everything in my power to introduce more people to it. This method is for everyone not just for those who know that they have a spinal disorder or imbalance. If we are all taught how to lengthen the spine and release tension in the body, we are all going to live longer pain free.  I feel blessed to have been introduced to this method. Thank you Jana and Dr Smisek

I have attended 3 Spiral Stabilization courses so far and I am planning to attend all other ones that are on schedule. I don’t want to miss any. I loved the fact that after practising and using Spiral Stabilization method thinking that I already know this method inside out, I still learn every time plenty of new useful skills. This method has not only helped me with my imbalances due to scoliosis and getting rid of migraines, but it has helped me to become the trainer I am. My knowledge has been broadening up so much that I tent to not only train my clients as a personal trainer but I treat their pains, injuries and rehabilitate them. Because of this method I found an amazing way to train and treat my clients so well that we prevent injuries and pains. I have definitely gained more trust from my clients. It has boosted my self-esteem and I can now offer lot more to everyone that wants to feel amazing in their own skin.

I would recommend this course to everyone actually. Everyone should know how to take care of their back and this method is an amazing way to learn. And if you don’t want to be just a “typical personal trainer” and you want to be able to offer lot more to your clients and build stronger and bigger clients’ database, this is definitely the answer.

Courses are very well organized and I can’t wait to attend the next!!!

Great course with a very enthusiastic tutor.  I would personally recommend to anyone wanting to learn about Spiral Stabilization exercise method for the treatment and prevention. One of the best and the most interesting courses I have ever attended.  The theory and practical parts were very clear and easy to understand.  Dr Smisek’s passion has inspired me to apply this amazing Spiral Stabilization Method and very effective movement programme for my patients with scoliosis, spinal related conditions mainly in the lower back and neck with great result. Thank you again, can’t wait for the next one.

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