I met Jana at a time when I was having real difficulties sitting in the office for 8 hours a day due to back pain. I had known for years that my back muscles were almost non-existent but I am a proud intellectual avoiding all sports. In addition, I play the church organ, which doesn’t help as it puts further strain on your back. Painkillers were never the choice for me so I had suffered in (sometimes loud) silence.

Jana not only convinced me that I can do it; she actually managed to motivate me to do the exercises daily. It took me some time to learn the routine and to see the results as I am quite useless about any physical activity. But her approach was genuinely positive and that made the difference.

She is very skilled and she gives you the personal touch you need. She adapts the exercise to your condition and she builds your own exercise catalogue. The most important thing is that she truly believes in what she is doing and makes it come true. Plus she is a lovely person, never far from a laugh.

If you are hopeless (as I am) in relation to sports and you suffer from back pain, Jana is your choice.
These days, I am pain-free and I can play the organ as much as I want and I manage my office job easily as well. It takes me 15-20 minutes a day – much less than any of us wastes by meaningless activities.

I am 50 and have had back pain for about 3 years. In that time, I was diagnosed with spondyloarthropathy, an immune mediated arthritis, had a large herniated disc in my lumber spine, and had lumbar disc surgery to remove it.  Surgery eradicated the terrible sciatica in my leg but left me with chronic back pain.  I have been to many doctors and took high doses of Motrin for the constant pain until I had to stop because my kidneys were affected.

I’ve tried back exercises (I am a physical therapist), pain meds, walking, swimming, Pilates, bought a new mattress, nothing helped. I had pain rolling in bed, getting out of bed, standing from sitting, carrying more than 10 pounds, sneezing/coughing, bending to do wash or dishes, and lost my ability to exercise. My sleep was interrupted as well.
I stumbled upon Spiral Stabilization on Instagram and started watching videos. I started to research the technique and it all made sense. I decided to try it with low hopes as I’ve tried so many things.
Within 10 days, I kid you not, my back pain is about 70% reduced! I am blown away. I am standing taller and functioning so much better.

As a physical therapist, I recognize Jana’s deep understanding of anatomy and movement dysfunction. She has been wonderful to work with. She fine tunes every little movement I make which is amazing because we are doing this all through Zoom as I am in the US. I am finally getting in touch with my body and getting relief from the hole of chronic pain. It is a beautiful thing to not have pain at every turn and I am thankful that I have someone to trust that will help me get my life back. Finally!!

I have been having terrible pain in my lumbar area to be most exact in the L5/S1 of my back for almost a year now. I came across this technique called Spiral Stabilization. I started last Saturday not even a week ago and the pain is almost gone. I couldn’t sit for half an hour but with the help of Jana I managed to achieve so much in a short period of time. I have been to physiotherapy and nothing changed at all but with the help of Jana, I am able to avoid having surgery. Jana thank you so much.

I found Spiral Stabilization while searching for non-surgical methods to help my disc herniation. Since I am in the United States I have my sessions via Skype. I have been practicing the exercise methods for one year. I have seen a huge improvement in my mobility and a reduction in pain associated with my disc herniation. It is a great program for people of all different physical levels.

I have a personal experience with Spiral Stabilization as a doctor, as well as a patient. I already knew this method and its excellent outcomes, mainly from the patients with lower back injury back in the Czech Republic. Now I have a personal experience too. I had a huge disc prolapse in L4/L5 level with neurological symptoms (absence of ankle reflexes, numbness, and of course huge back pain) in March 2016. It stopped me running and my days were horrendous. I don’t usually use painkillers.  I contacted Jana immediately after my diagnosis (MRI scan) and then I booked sessions with her. After a couple of weeks my symptoms completely disappeared. She knows what she is doing, she is very professional with many years of experience.

I used to be a professional athlete and now I am a long-distance runner (my hobby).   I ran half marathon in my PB in October 2016, just 6 months after my diagnosis. I am now back to my running training for marathon and ultra. I have been still doing the exercises.

It is absolutely an excellent method and I would like to say many thanks to Jana.

I would highly recommend Jana as an all-round personal trainer, specialising in the area of Spiral Stabilization of scoliosis (curvature of the spine). She has helped me immensely with her knowledge and expertise.  Her results are outstanding and have taught me how to manage it with just 10 to 15 minutes of daily exercises with the special elastic cord that is so light and small that one can travel all over the world with it. Jana came from heaven with regard to my acute scoliosis and she makes life fun too!

I have come across Jana and Spiral Stabilization on Instagram. I’ve had scoliosis since I was 12 and with sedentary lifestyle and job my back pain was getting progressively worse so I was on a look out for a form of exercise that could help. I’ve found that Spiral Stabilization helps me manage the pain and it’s got so much better since I’ve started exercising.

You build on the foundation set of exercises as you get stronger so there is always something new to do and it doesn’t get boring. Jana’s been a great teacher and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our sessions.

The exercises are great for scoliosis or if you just want to strengthen your back.  You can do the exercises according to your physical limits but Jana’s positivity will definitely help you to push those limits further out.

Spiral Stabilization exercises with Jana helped me to strengthen my back muscles and most importantly to alleviate the severe back pain episodes I’ve had after having two babies in a row. I love how this method also helped me to adjust my overall posture and get back in shape after pregnancy in a safe and smart way.

Year of 2014 I was on my first run of the year and I fell and badly hurt my right knee, later down the line across my upper back and neck I started to get bad pains and this travelling down to my wrist. At first, I thought the ganglion on my wrist was causing pins and needles to travel up my arm and maybe causing the tight and dull aches in my upper body.


I had known Jana for a long time before this as I trained with her and she had mentioned about this new method but I hadn’t really thought about it as I was seeing the doctor about the ganglion on my wrist. I was referred to the physio who mentioned the pain that I had been having may be coming from my neck.


During this time my partner was going through a real bad time with his lower back and had to stop his day job in tiling. I had recommended Spiral time and time again but he ended up seeing a chiropractor first. After 6 months or so the pain had been relieved slightly and my partner felt as if he was losing a winning battle.


In the end I booked us both an appointment with Jana and it was the best decision that was ever made. My partner was pretty much cured from the pain within 3 weeks, he says to me time and time again ‘It has saved my life’. Whenever he feels a slight pain coming back on he picks up the ropes and it relieves any tightness and tensions. ‘Jana has given the tools and I can use these anywhere anytime’


During the appointments with Jana (with the pain pretty much gone) I had visited the physio in between. After one session I recall the feeling of severe pins and needles in my arm. I immediately asked Jana about this symptom and if this was usual after a session. Of course, it was not and I stopped seeing the physio. After just committing to spiral the pain was gone!


Now working in an office environment my neck pain comes back every now again, I soon pick up the ropes and I’m instantly relieved! I’m now looking into marrying spiral with acupuncture, I do think this will work wonders!

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