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Exercise and Therapeutic Stretching Techniques using Muscle Chains

CPD: 12 CPD points (accreditation provided by Complementary Health Professionals)

COURSE DURATION: 2 days, 9am – 5pm

COURSE TUTOR: Jana Mitackova


  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Medical doctors
  • Massage therapists
  • Health & Fitness professionals

2 attendees per course in order to ensure personal attention for attendees and therefore the most benefit from the practical part of the course.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Anatomy and physiology certification. Please get in touch if you are currently in training.


  • Fully understand Spiral Stabilization method and its main principles.
  • Learn Spiral Stabilization exercises and therapeutic stretching techniques using spiral muscle chains.
  • Learn to successfully treat and prevent clients’ various conditions (back pain, spinal disorders, intervertebral disc herniation, chronic back pain, low back pain, post spinal surgery complications, scoliosis, hip and knee joint disorders, migraines, headaches…).
  • Receive a CPD certificate after completion of the course, allowing you to use the Spiral Stabilization method with your own patients/clients.

The course exercise and therapeutic stretching techniques can also be applied to different conditions apart from the above. Please see the full list of conditions here.


Theoretical part

  • Spiral Stabilization method and its principles
  • Muscle chain anatomy, function and training

Practical part

  • Spiral Stabilization exercises
  • Therapeutic stretching techniques in sitting and standing positions

The main focus of this course is on Spiral Stabilization exercises.




Lecture Part 1 – Introduction into Spiral Stabilization

  • What is Spiral Stabilization
  • History and development
  • Client’s treatment – What conditions can I treat? Who can I treat & how?

Lecture Part 2 – Spirally stabilised gait

  • Back pain causes and symptoms
  • Dynamic and static spine stabilisation
  • Spirally stabilised gait and running
  • Spine regeneration and spine degeneration

Lecture Part 3 – Muscle chains

  • Main muscle chains
  • Spiral muscle chains anatomy and function
  • Vertical muscle chains anatomy and function

Lecture Part 4 – Spiral Stabilization exercises

  • Spiral Stabilization main principles
  • Spinal decompression/traction and spinal compression
  • Spiral Stabilization principles of optimal movement
  • Spiral Stabilization parameters for measuring the extent and coordination of movement
  • Spiral Stabilization exercise – main elements, guidelines, technique
  • Spiral Stabilization principles of movement control


Practical – Spiral Stabilization exercises

  • Basic 11 exercises in sitting and standing positions
  • Exercise coordination and stabilisation using muscle chains
  • Correction of exercise technique (individual and in pairs)
  • Exercises for different levels of ability
  • Spiral Stabilization parameter – extension in the pelvic girdle (testing)
  • Correct gait
  • Individual and group training
  • Developing exercise programme for therapy (client consultation)
  • Group exercise session
  • Q & A


Group exercise session (Day 1 Spiral Stabilization exercises, correct gait, Spiral Stabilization stretching)


  • Foot arch formation
  • Client case studies with various conditions (videos)

Practical – Spiral Stabilization exercises

  • Building/training the foot arch
  • 40 Spiral Stabilization exercises using balance mat
  • Correction of exercise technique (individual and in pairs)


Practical – Therapeutic stretching techniques

  • Therapeutic stretching techniques in sitting positions
  • Therapeutic stretching techniques in standing positions
  • Exercises for different levels of ability
  • Spiral Stabilization parameter – extension in the pelvic girdle (retesting)
  • Individual and group training
  • Client follow-up session programme
  • Spiral Stabilization stretching
  • Group exercise session – conditional training, cardiovascular training, Spiral Stabilization exercises for sport and athletes
  • Q & A



To ensure that you learn and perform Spiral Stabilization exercises correctly, I will examine, correct and provide feedback for the duration of the course. You will work in pairs to practise working with a client.

All course attendees will receive a CPD certificate after completion of the course, allowing them to use the method in their respective practices.

The course programme will include regular tea breaks, including snacks, and a lunch break. Please note that lunch is not provided.

We will be going through exercises each day, so please ensure that you bring suitable clothing to enable you to perform the practical part of the course comfortably. Female course attendees are advised to wear a sports bra for therapeutic stretching techniques.

I advise all course attendees to have professional liability insurance to cover them for the practical part of the course.

Should you wish to take notes during the course, I recommend that you bring your own note-pad or tablet.

Spiral Stabilization exercise equipment will be available for use and for purchase during the course. Both cash and card payments will be accepted.

  • Price Per Person: £299

The course price includes free access to our exercise videos package.

Courses can only run when fully booked, which means a minimum of 2 attendees. If you are the only person booked for the course near the course date you may be asked to reschedule. Therefore, it is recommended to book for a course with one attendee already booked.

Should you wish for a Foundation course or workshop to be held at your facility, please get in touch for further details.

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3-4 August 2024, 7-8 September, 2-3 November 2024

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