I nearly cancelled my first appointment with Jana. I had been so disappointed with all my previous attempts to find a solution for my chronic back pain which had by this point spread to my legs. I had tried stretching exercises, worked with a trainer, had massages, taken medication and nothing seemed to work. So I was quite rightly very sceptical and desperate. I was so impressed with Jana. It was so refreshing to come across someone who knows their industry so well. Her knowledge is boundless. I had total confidence and trust in her right from the start. I knew that I would be coming back to her studio.

I felt a difference even in my first session. It felt like my back and chest had expanded, the tension was gone within an hour and I kept correcting my posture effortlessly. Plus I felt energized.

I really enjoy the exercises now and if my back gets tight or I feel pain during the day in the office when I do not have time to do the whole set of exercises all I have to do is a few of Jana’s stretches and I see instant results.

I am so glad I made the effort to pitch up to the first appointment and have never looked back. This young lady is really brilliant. And she cares about her clients’ recovery.

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