Scoliosis Case Studies



AGE: 5 – 7 Years Old

Thoracic spine 30° Cobb -> 8° Cobb (improved by 22°)
Lumbar spine 21° Cobb -> 1° Cobb (improved by 20°)

This patient had completely unstable posture with a deep lordosis and kyphosis at the beginning of our treatment.

Following 2 years of Spiral Stabilization treatment the patient developed strong muscle corset, a stable body, improved posture and gained 15cm in height.

Before the patient starts attending school it is important that they exercise in short sessions (5-10 minutes, 5 x day). As the patient masters the exercises the sessions can be extended (15-20 minutes).

Exercises need to be performed without a brace. The brace should be used only during prolonged periods of sitting (TV, computer, travelling etc.) The patient can stop wearing the brace when the curve improves to under 20° Cobb angle.

The treatment should continue until the patient has stopped growing, at around the age of 18. The patient has made great progress thanks to the support and help of her parents.

The patient was provided with this treatment as an outpatient, with follow up sessions every 3 months (each session lasting 1-4 hours).

Before & After X-Ray

Patient 2

AGE: 6 Years Old

T7-L4  18° Cobb -> 7° Cobb (improved by 11°)

Before & After X-Ray

Patient 3

AGE: 4 – 8 Years Old

T6-T11  45° Cobb -> 28° Cobb (improved by 17°)
T11-L5, T11-L4   61° Cobb -> 12° Cobb (improved by 49°)

The patient was 4 years old at the beginning of the treatment and 8 years old at the end. She started attending school during this time. She gained 20cm in height.

Medical history – fracture of right collar bone at birth, right leg deformity from birth, joint hypermobility, hyperactive child. She was treated with bracing treatment, Vojta therapy and Dorn method. Scoliosis spinal fusion surgery was recommended to her.

The patient was performing Spiral Stabilization exercises at home under her mother’s supervision every day for 20 minutes. She was treated with Spiral Stabilization manual therapy techniques once a week.

Before & After X-Ray

Patient 4

AGE: 8 Years Old

T5-T12  22° Cobb -> 22° Cobb -> 21° Cobb (improved by 1°)
T12-L4   20° Cobb -> 15° Cobb -> 9° Cobb (improved by 11°)

The patient was attending school during the treatment. His mother has scoliosis and she had undergone scoliosis spinal fusion surgery.

Before & After X-Ray

Patient 5

AGE: 10 – 12 Years Old

T8-L3  15° Cobb -> 1° Cobb (improved by 14°)

The patient was a student. The birth was long (2 days). The patient then developed muscle hypotonia (decreased muscle tone). The patient currently has no other health problems.

The patient started Spiral Stabilization treatment when she was 10 years old and finished when she was 12. She continued exercising and maintained a fully compensated curve (1° Cobb) at the age of 14.

She developed a strong and stable body, strong muscle corset and full compensation of scoliotic curve and foot arches.

She exercised at home under her mother’s supervision for 15 minutes every day for 1 year. After the curve compensation she continued exercising alone for 15 minutes 2-3 times per week.

Follow up treatment was 1 hour every 2 months.

Before & After X-Ray

Patient 6

AGE: 12 – 14 Years Old

T12-L4  38° Cobb -> 32° Cobb (improved by 6°)

Student, her scoliosis developed when she was 11 years old due to gaining 20cm in height in 6 months. She suffered from pain, especially when sitting whilst at school.

The patient was treated with a conventional rehabilitation and bracing treatment. During this time her scoliosis worsened from 34° to 38° Cobb.

Spiral Stabilization treatment improved her scoliosis by 6° Cobb. The treatment started when she was 12 years old and finished when she was 14.

She continued exercising with a therapist for 1 hour every day. She stopped wearing a brace.

Before & After X-Ray

Patient 7

AGE: 15 – 17 Years Old

T7-L4  30° Cobb -> 30° Cobb -> 14° Cobb (improved by 16°)

Student, growth complete. The patient suffered with low and mid back pain and hip pain during prolonged sitting. The patient had previously undergone treatment in the USA without results.

The patient is now pain-free following Spiral Stabilization treatment. Follow-up treatment was once a year for one week. The one week inpatient treatment programme consisted of Spiral Stabilization exercises and manual therapy techniques.

The patient exercised at home for 15 minutes every day for 1 year (sometimes with her mother performing exercise correction).

Before & After X-Ray

Patient 8

AGE: 17 Years Old

L1-L4  30° Cobb -> 28° Cobb -> 26° Cobb -> 26° Cobb -> 25° Cobb  (improved by 5°)

Student. The patient wore a brace at night and had pain in her right hip. Scoliosis spinal fusion surgery was recommended to her in 2013 due to rapid worsening of her scoliosis.

We achieved reduction of the curve by 5°. The patient performed Spiral Stabilization exercises daily for 40 minutes.

Before & After X-Ray

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