Scoliosis – Adults



AGE: 21 Years Old

The patient is fully grown and is no longer wearing a brace.

Wearing a plastic brace without an exercise programme causes serious muscle imbalances within the body that lead to an accelerated degeneration of the spine. The scoliotic curve usually worsens when patients stop wearing a brace.

Scoliosis is a gait (walking) coordination and stabilisation disorder. Incorrectly coordinated walking aggravates scoliosis.

Spiral Stabilization treatment focused on eliminating muscle imbalances. We stretched muscle tightness to support the correct functioning of spiral chains. We strengthened spiral muscle chains (interscapular muscles, abdominal oblique muscles and glutes) that resulted in the straightening of the scoliotic curve.

Patient 2

AGE: 40 Years Old

This patient is 40 years old with 40° Cobb S-shaped scoliosis in the thoracic and lumbar spine. Scoliosis developed at the age of 12.

The patient now suffers from a lot of pain in the lower back that extends into her legs while sitting, standing, walking and turning over when lying down.

Her spine degenerated and she has three prolapsed intervertebral discs in the lumbar spine and deformities of the vertebrae and the intervertebral joints.

The patient underwent rehabilitation treatments at various clinics but without any improvement. The patient was given exercises by physiotherapists that caused her more pain.

The patient’s orthopedic specialist recommended spinal fusion surgery of the whole spine. The patient feared post-op complications and decided to cancel the surgery 2 weeks before it was due. She chose non-surgical treatment and started Spiral Stabilization treatment instead.

Following 3 months of exercising with Spiral Stabilization the patient has only mild pain in the lower back when standing or walking for a longer period of time. She exercises for 30 minutes twice a day.

After 6 months of exercising with Spiral Stabilization the patient is pain-free. She can stand without pain and walk 5km without pain. She stopped receiving disability benefits and started to work full time in a shop. She is not allowed to lift or carry heavy objects.

Spiral Stabilization treatment focused on strengthening spiral chains to create muscle corset, to stabilise the spine and to create spinal decompression. Improved flexibility, especially within the hips, eliminated spinal compression in the lower back and relieved pain.

MRI Scan

Patient 3

AGE: 67 Years Old

This patient is 67 years old and underwent spinal surgery in her twenties. She spent a year in a plaster corset.

The patient now suffers with kyphoscoliosis heart disease and spinal stenosis. This is caused by severe degeneration of the intervertebral disc, intervertebral joints and vertebrae.

She suffers a lot with back pain and finds it difficult to walk as every step causes her pain.

Following 6 months of Spiral Stabilization treatments she can walk a kilometer without pain. Her leg muscles have innervation and strength again. The exercises rejuvenated her body.

We strengthened the interscapular muscles and corrected the position of the shoulder blades. This allowed for a spiral chain activation and strengthening of the abdominal wall. Abdominal muscles created muscle corset which stabilises and decompresses the spine.

Treatments consisted of Spiral Stabilization exercises and manual therapy techniques including massage and manual traction. Manual techniques helped to speed up the treatment and make it more effective.

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