I have been acutely aware of the physical pain and restrictions caused by scoliosis throughout my life, as my mother suffered from severe scoliosis for most of her life. By the time I reached my teenage years, I too began to suffer pain caused by mild scoliosis. It was through that pain that I developed a deeper interest in my own health. I embarked upon a mission to find the best way of improving my well-being.

At this stage I was studying for my Masters degree in Economics in the Czech Republic and, as a student, I had access to the exercise classes provided by the university. I began to attend regular classes and soon saw the health benefits they brought. I subsequently trained and qualified as a fitness instructor. I started to teach fitness on a regular basis and attended courses provided by the sports faculty. It was through the faculty that I was lucky enough to hear about and attend a one-day course that Dr Smisek was holding. I was fascinated and I knew that my mother should meet Dr Smisek. That very day, Dr Smisek was kind enough to spend two hours with us. From that moment on, I committed myself to attending Dr Smisek’s further courses in Prague on a regular basis.

After I had graduated I felt compelled to develop my skills further within the health and fitness industry so I moved to London and gradually progressed my career. I attained my Power Plate instructor certificate and went on to successfully manage the world’s first Power Plate studio located in Harrods department store. My passion had been ignited and I was determined and driven to develop my skill-set further so I went on to qualify as a Personal Training Instructor.

At this point I was still personally using the Spiral Stabilization method and I had established a client base. I was not only experiencing first-hand the immense benefits of the method but also witnessing the pain relief and life-changing results that my clients were achieving. I knew that I had to share the method with others. I travelled to Prague to complete further courses and went on to qualify as a Spiral Stabilization Teacher Trainer and to become the UK representative for the Spiral Stabilization method.

Through my extensive training, I began to build a specific interest and to focus on the importance of posture not just when one is engaged in sport but in all aspects of our lives. Motivated by my personal experience of scoliosis and its effects, coupled with my new found anatomical awareness, I felt drawn to postural alignment, and particularly to spinal disorders.

As soon as I had fully established myself as a practitioner I soon became aware that muscle imbalance was another key area which affected the results of my clients, and that therefore manual therapy would play an important role. I proceeded to gain my qualification in massage therapy. My full skill-set had grown organically and was successfully enabling me to provide the type of care and treatment for the individual requirements of each of my clients.

I successfully established and ran a studio in the heart of Knightsbridge for a number of years, in which I treated numerous clients with a vast range of conditions. My focus was to provide a holistic service within an environment in which I could assist my clients to greatly improve the quality of their lives through improved health and well-being. Often, my clients were able to better manage and reverse conditions that they had suffered from for a number of decades. I am now based in Richmond and provide my clients with the option of being treated from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. My clientele is based heavily around the Knightsbridge, Kensington and Richmond area.

I am happy to say that I have witnessed clients become not only pain-free but to go on to drastically change their way of life for the better. Being a part of this process is amazing, watching new clients experience life-changing benefits by using the method has been exciting and extremely rewarding. On a personal note, I am also grateful to have assisted my mother in discovering a new lease of life, without pain and without the need for major surgery and previous limitations.

This passion for Spiral Stabilization led me to successfully launch the method and our therapist courses in the UK at the Back Pain Show in London Olympia in 2014. Since then, I have organised regular courses for health and fitness professionals with the method’s founder Dr Richard Smisek and have taught my own Foundation courses.

I am thrilled how excited trainers, practitioners and medical professionals are in the UK about Spiral Stabilization. I am extremely pleased that they have the opportunity to share the method’s unique benefits with their own clients and patients.

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