The Founder

The Spiral Stabilization method was conceived and gradually developed in the Czech Republic (Prague) by an expert in myoskeletal medicine, Dr Richard Smisek. With more than 40 years’ of clinical experience to his name, he has worked closely with patients suffering from spine-related pain in the lower back, chest and neck regions and also with acute disc prolapses and scoliosis.

With the use of Spiral Stabilization Dr Smisek has successfully treated and prevented thousands of spine-related conditions. His passion for the method has progressed into the sporting arena, assisting professional athletes with conditioning, with the goal of improving their performance and preventing strains and degeneration of the spine and main joints while doing sports.

The method has been extremely popular in Europe for over 25 years, especially in Germany where treatments are provided through medical insurance. The number of Spiral Stabilization trainers and practitioners using the method has also rapidly grown in Europe, South Korea and China, due to Dr Smisek’s continuous development of the method, coupled with his passion to educate and share his knowledge and experience around the world.

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