Spiral For Everyone


The exercises are aimed at regeneration, focusing on reversing poor posture, which is frequently caused by long periods of sitting at a desk at school. We also focus on preventing and treating scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and Scheuermann’s disease. Children can start exercising from the age of 5.


The exercises are aimed at correcting muscle imbalances caused by sedentary jobs and asymmetric loading such as overworking or overusing. We concentrate on renewing muscle balance, releasing painful muscle tension and optimising movement coordination with an emphasis on maximising stabilised walking and running.

Spiral Stabilization exercises can be performed on their own or as a complement to your existing exercise programme (exercise class, gym session, sport), simply by including them in your warm up and cool down.


We usually start exercising in a seated position, correcting any movement disorders and assessing the range of motion in the shoulder girdle, also strengthening the abdominal wall and relaxing the neck. We then progress to exercising in a standing position with support (chair, poles). This will stabilise the torso and pelvis and relax any painful tension in the back. We gradually work towards mastering coordination and stabilisation when walking.

The aim is to enjoy a pain-free and active retirement with the maintenance of stability when walking. We eliminate instability and giddiness which helps to prevent falls.


We start by focusing on the fast activation of the stabilising muscles, which will improve a sense of balance and protect the spine and joints from being overloaded. Active stretching will ensure a greater range of movement in addition to the release of muscle tension, which is a barrier to peak performance. Athletes will obtain regeneration characteristics and will be able to run faster.

The exercises will successfully improve an athlete’s physical fitness and performance. They will be able to maintain good health and prevent injuries.

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We focus on preparation for pregnancy, exercising during pregnancy and recovery after giving birth. It is extremely important to activate the abdominal muscles, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and work to prevent back pain during and after pregnancy.


All of our exercises can be adapted for a seated position, they can also be performed using a single arm. Each exercise programme will be tailored to the individual’s requirements. Pain is alleviated by creating the correct postural alignment.

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